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This website introduces a new theory of why and how the Giza Pyramids were built more than 4500 years ago. The mystery of the pyramids of Giza started soon after their completion and continues today. You can find articles on this website that I hope will help unravel some of the mysteries surrounding the construction of the pyramids found on the Giza Plateau.


Giza Pyramids as Osiris on His Sacred Boat

Giza Pyramids as Osiris on his Sacred Barque


The Giza Throne Theory offers a new alternative theory to how and why the Giza Pyramids were built. Learn how the Ancient Egyptians looked to the Orion Constellation and the Winter Triangle Constellation and developed a creation myth centered on Osiris. This is similar to the Orion Correlation Theory proposed by Robert Bauval and Adrian Gilbert.


Learn how the Ancient Egyptians built a living monument to Osiris, known as the House of Osiris or the Great Mansion on the Giza Plateau. Discover the possibility that the Khafre Pyramid is a physical representation of Osiris traveling across the Sky on his Sacred Barque and corresponds to the middle star of Orions Belt in the Orion Constellation. Discover why the Great Pyramid represents Apophis, the snake God of Chaos. Also, uncover which stars of the night sky the Ancient Egyptians linked to the Gods of the Ennead.


Wonder at the Sphinx construction and its relationship to the God Shu. Try to figure out where the twin of Shu, Tefnut, is located under the sands of the Giza Plateau. Explore the possibility that a rediscovered tomb called NC2 or "The Tomb of the Birds" may lead to the area known as Rosetjau or Rostau. Also, discover the hidden Wall of the Moon located due west of the Wall of the Crow.


I also introduce a new theory that explains how the Ancient Egyptians used a cementitious material, similar to concrete, consisting of natron (sodium carbonate) combined with limestone or granite to build the Giza pyramids, obelisks and stone statues. This theory is similar to the one proposed by Joseph Davidovits and Margaret Morris and you will learn what the Egyptian Pyramids are made of.


The Ancient Egyptians were the first to cast stone products including pyramid blocks, pyramid casing stones, obelisks, granite statues and other stone artworks with a stone and natron mixture that is similar to cement or concrete. Learn how the pyramids of Giza were cast and not carved as current theory suggests and supports the pyramid concrete theory.


Discover how the Ancient Egyptians were the first to develop an artificial light source. The Ancient Egyptian Pyramid Builders were the first to use a flashlight or torch device during pyramid and tomb construction. This Ancient flashlight was also used by Ancient Egyptians in their daily lives. Numerous scribes and a pyramid construction supervisor known as Hesire are depicted with a flashlight (known as the hieroglyphic - sesh) draped over their shoulders or carried in hand.


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